Lianhua Qingwen and Other "Three Medicines" Add New Indications for COVID-19, Experts Warn Not to Take If Not Sick

The term "three medicines and three prescriptions" originated from a press conference held by the State Council Information Office on March 23, where "three medicines" refers to Lianhua Qingwen Capsules (Granules), Jinhua Qinggan Granules and Xuebijing Injection. Recently, these three drugs have become the first batch of drugs to be approved for new indications for COVID-19 in China.

The One Who Sent The Whistle

On December 30, 2019, Affin received a virus test report for patients with unknown pneumonia. She circled the word "SARS coronavirus" in red. When asked by a college classmate, she took the report and circulated it, to this classmate who is also a doctor. That night, the report spread to doctor circles in Wuhan, and those who forwarded the report included the eight doctors who were disciplined by the police.

An "American Drifter" Code Farmer from Hubei: Being A Suspected COVID-19 Case in The US

“A lot of times, I took the food upstairs to eat, and after I was done I went downstairs, I didn’t know where to wash the dishes. Whether the door handle needed to be wiped? Going downstairs with shoes on, should I wipe the soles of my shoes? (Despite) having been wearing gloves for days, I didn’t dare to touch things at home. My kid would look at me and call daddy, and I dare not hold her.”

Alibaba DAMO Academy Medical AI: Deployed in 26 Hospitals, Diagnosed over 30,000 Suspected COVID-19 Cases (coming soon)

Recently, Damo Institute and Alibaba Cloud have developed a new set of AI diagnostic technology for the clinical diagnosis of COVID-19. AI can accurately interpret the CT scans of suspected cases of COVID-19 within 20 seconds, and the accuracy of the results has reached 96%, greatly improving diagnostic efficiency. Xiaotangshan (Hospital), Zhengzhou, Henan, has introduced this algorithm to aid clinical diagnosis.

Oral Record | Delivery Guy Solving Jinyintan Hospital Staff Problems: I Was Not Delivering Packages, I Was Delivering People that Saved Lives!

At nightfall, I closed the warehouse and went home for a family get together dinner. At 10PM I saw a nurse from Jinyintan Hospital posted a request, saying "Please help, no cars are allowed here, buses and metros are not running, I can't go home, it takes 4 hours to walk home". It was posted at 6pm and nobody responded.

The Wuhan Union Hospital Expert Who Recovered From COVID-19 Said That This Treatment Can Reduce The Severity And Mortality of COVID-19!

As the director of the emergency department of Wuhan Union Medical College Hospital, Professor Zhang Jinnong was one of the first doctors to contact patients with COVID-19 and actively carry out clinical diagnosis and treatment. He also became one of the earliest medical workers infected with COVID-19 due to long hours of heavy work and close contact with patients.

Police Call-outs to the Field for Thousands of Weird Reasons, All Concerning Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Yang Pu (alias) is a police officer in Hubei Province. He works in a county city with a population of one million about 50 kilometers from Wuhan. Before the severity of the outbreak became clear, a large number of local residents had travelled to and from Wuhan, including migrant workers returning from Wuhan for the Chinese New Year.

Huoshenshan Hospital Construction Incomplete Manual

Huoshenshan Hospital (火神山医院, "Fire God Mountain Hospital") is a 1000-bed hospital built in 10 days (January 23 - February 2, 2020) in response to the novel coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan. Construction of the hospital was live streamed in China. Weibo user @偶脚得偶还可以抢救一下 (roughly translates to "me thinks me still worth saving") organized and posted an account of the process in this mock manual.

300 Million Chickens Facing Feed Shortage in Hubei

When hot topics on hardcore "speeches" by village secretaries as well as local-flavoured banners and slogans calling for fight against SARS-CoV-2 (formerly known as 2019 novel coronavirus, 2019-nCoV) sweep across the Internet, attention shall also be paid to the winding roads in the farm fields, and this is a part of ensuring a functioning social system.

Epidemic Prevention in Wuhan: How to Make Good Use of Available Resources?

On Jan 24th, at noon, the COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarter in Wuhan announced the implementation of the graded treatment policy for the novel pneumonia. Patients with a fever will be first sent to the community health care center for screening and categorization, and then sent to higher-level hospitals. But for some patients, the problem becomes even more difficult.