Epidemic Prevention, Epidemic Prevention, Why Suddently ROFLing (Excerpt)



Publisher: Straight News

Translator: COVID-19 Readings

A female coworker told me when she was going to get groceries yesterday the kids wanted to come along too. She said, “no don’t come, there is virus out there, you will die if you get infected. Mommy will be right back when I’m done shopping.” The kids cried, “let daddy go, let daddy go!”

Company cafeteria. Eating with the feel of taking an exam.

Company cafeteria

Haven’t washed my feet for 9 days. They only told us to wash hands frequently. They didn’t say when to wash the feet. I dare not wash them. I dare not ask. I’m afraid of violating the rules!

Dirty feet

I’m 30 years old. Getting to that age. Before the New Year’s Mom forced me to bring a girlfriend home. Having no choice, I rented a “girlfriend” for 2000 Yuan, with the agreement to stay at my hometown for 5 days. Now it’s been over 10 days. The residential area has been blocked. What can I do? I’ve renewed twice. She just eats and drinks all she wants at our place…


Here’s the evidence. Even with the city being blocked, Chicken Noodle with Mushrooms is still the worst.

Chicken Noodle with Mushrooms