Alibaba DAMO Academy Medical AI: Deployed in 26 Hospitals, Diagnosed over 30,000 Suspected COVID-19 Cases (coming soon)


阿里达摩院医疗 AI:落地 26 家医院,诊断 3 万多新冠肺炎病例

Author: Ali Cloud

Translator: COVID-19 Readings

Recently, Damo Institute and Alibaba Cloud have developed a new set of AI diagnostic technology for the clinical diagnosis of COVID-19. AI can accurately interpret the CT scans of suspected cases of COVID-19 within 20 seconds, and the accuracy of the results has reached 96%, greatly improving diagnostic efficiency. Xiaotangshan (Hospital), Zhengzhou, Henan, has introduced this algorithm to aid clinical diagnosis.

AI recognizing COVID-19 CT image
AI automatically recognizing COVID-19 from chest CT scans

Full translation coming soon.

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