How to Prevent Novel Coronavirus Infection When Returning Home



Publisher: Dalian Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Translator: COVID-19 Readings

The Chinese government and people have achieved a phased victory over COVID-19. The atmosphere of work resumption and production resumption is gradually growing stronger. Everyone becomes more worried about whether they will accidentally bring the virus home when they return. Here we remind everyone to take precautions when returning home.

When returning home, try to place your shoes outside the door or in the foyer, keep them separate from the shoes you wear at home. Regularly clean and disinfect the soles and the foyer floor.


When returning home, take off the mask and do not touch the outer surface. If the mask can be used again, hung it at a well ventilated and dry place. If you have worn the mask to a medical institution or have had close contact with a patient / suspected patient, put the mask in a sealed bag and discard it in a special recycling bin or hazardous waste bin.

Wash hands before and after taking off the mask. Disinfect the garbage can regularly.

When returning home, gently take off your jacket, do not shake it. Try to hang the outer layer of clothes in a well ventilated place.


When returning home, wash your hands, face and any exposed skin carefully. The probability of getting virus on your hands is very high. Wash your hands not only frequently, but also carefully. Wash both hands thoroughly with antibacterial liquid soap or soap bar. Do not rub your eyes or touch your face before washing your hands.

wash hands

When returning home, clean the surface of the backpack, mobile phone, keys, headset, wallet, transit cards and other personal items with alcohol swabs or disinfecting wipes.

wipe phone

With the orderly advancement of epidemic prevention and control, we can now travel with caution, however, maintain the vigilance, we still need to keep protecting ourselves when going out everyday.